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Diálogo de 2 personas en inglés (con saludo, despedida y buenos deseos)

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    Bianca: Isn’t it a beautiful day? Hi! I’m Bianca. What’s your name?

    Miguel: Yes, it is. I love spring! Hello, my name’s Miguel. Nice to meet you.

    Bianca: Nice to meet you too Miguel. Do you live near here?

    Miguel: Yes, I've been living in this city for two years but I’m originally from Ecuador. Where are you from?

    Bianca: I’m from Italy. I’ve come here to visit my sister. What do you do for a living?

    Miguel: That’s great! I work as a journalist for a local newspaper.

    Bianca: That’s interesting. It was nice chatting with you!

    Miguel: My pleasure! I hope you have a good time here.

    Bianca: Thank you! Bye bye, take care.


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